Training & Coaching

You and your employees are a very important component in your value chain.

Employees who are well trained and empowered will deliver service beyond expectations and ensure that customers feel satisfied.

Coaching services, spanning top/ middle/junior management through to entry level staff, will be tailored according to your company’s needs.

Under the Direct Management of Patricia Hamilton - Certified Facilitator & Transformational Coach (over 15 Years of Coaching Experience)

  • Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Building High Performance Teams -Workshop
  • Developing a Coaching & Accountability   Culture - Workshop

Customer service in many ways defines the acceptance, corporate reputation and success of companies and businesses. Training of employees for front-end and direct engagement with customers is an integral part of any organizational sales, marketing or promotional program or business practice. Depending on the organizational vision, commitment, market perception and annual budgets, customer service training is conducted at fairly regular intervals. Customer service training keeps all front-facing employees sharp-edged, competitive and committed toward serving customers consistently.