ft. Bamboo Man and Selah


The Prayer

ft. Selah

On My Mind - Danejarus

ft. Nicole Miller

Listen to the sounds of "Danejarus"

Danejarus was born and grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. He represented Jamaica for many years in tennis. While in college at the University of South Florida, Danejarus developed a passion for music. He went through many struggles and felt much pain. This made him feel like he always had to learn the hard way. As a fairly quiet young man, he resorted to music as a way of letting his pain and emotions, which had been bottled up for many years out. After writing about how he felt he noticed that it had helped him to feel a lot better.

Hard work and persistence can go a long way and patience and timing is the key. Danejarus lives for music. It alone brings him happiness and as a result he has put a lot of time, effort and focus on the music. A few years ago Danejarus met Jahnoi Nunez from Jah Ova Evil and since then a long lasting collaboration in work and loyalty have has developed that cannot be broken.

Danejarus believes that the sky is the limit! He also believes that in due time he will get the respect in the business he deserves along with his JAH OVA EVIL team.