Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the turn around time on design work?

Turn around time on design work is determined by the scope of the work. Lets say for something simple like a flier promoting an event or service the design work time starts at 24 hours and goes up from there depending on the clients needs. For something more complicated like a logo design, it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. An assumption is made that the client communicates well with us and quickly responds to any queries, concerns we may have during the design process.


Why is the website charge so low?

Our aim is to be able to provide a website to any individual, entrepreneur or business who needs one at the lowest cost in the fastest time possible. We utilize a service that provides a series of templates and we simply add the content and make a few tweaks where necessary. Also, all content is provided by the client thereby allowing us to provide a simple website that is clean, quick and easy. The turn around time for a website can be as quick as one day.


Why is there an 8 month retainer for implementing plans?


There is an 8 month retainer for implementing marketing plans because, having us do the plan alone is not enough to ensure that it gets done efficiently. We have relationships with other companies in the industry that allow us to leverage services fast and at affordable rates.


Why should I hire a marketing consultant?

Hiring a Marketing Consultant has many benefits. You will get instant expertise & experience, realize the cost effectiveness, achieve seamless integration, obtain true objectivity and stimulate the gene pool.

The key here is to measure those dollar signs and access to true professional talent against the projected benefits of effectively running your business. It’s no different than the way you make all of your other investment decisions. The same should hold true for marketing.                                      



Why is customer service training important?

Customer service in many ways defines the acceptance, corporate reputation and success of companies and businesses. Training of employees for front-end and direct engagement with customers is an integral part of any organizational sales, marketing or promotional program or business practice. Depending on the organizational vision, commitment, market perception and annual budgets, customer service training is conducted at fairly regular intervals. Customer service training keeps all front-facing employees sharp-edged, competitive and committed toward serving customers consistently.