Strategic Planning / Business Development

Business Plans : Start at US$800 each

- info + financials required


Marketing Plans: Start at US$800 each
- Basic (SWOT Analysis only)
- Strategic (Growth Strategy)
- Communication (Integrated Communication Strategy)

The Process

  1. Consultation meeting US$50 per hour.

  2. Proposal for Marketing Strategy and Implementation will be drafted and submitted to your company.

  3. Research ( Primary/ Secondary) This includes a series of interviews with your company as well as site visits in order to gain a complete understanding of the services as well as the processes.

  4. Actual Plans will be drafted and once approved we supervise the implementation of these plans under retainer for no at-least  8 months.

There is an 8 month retainer for implementing marketing plans. Having us do the plan alone is not enough to ensure that it gets done efficiently. We have the know how to implement these plans properly in order to get the best results and ultimately the greater return on investment as opposed to someone who may not be familiar with implementing marketing strategies and tactics.



Hiring a Marketing Consultant has many benefits. You will get instant expertise & experience, realize the cost effectiveness, achieve seamless integration, obtain true objectivity and stimulate the gene pool .​The key here is to measure those dollar signs and access to true professional talent against the projected benefits of effectively running your business. It’s no different than the way you make all of your other investment decisions. The same should hold true for marketing.