REV CBDC Concept

Brand Name, Tagline & Logo

This project was submitted to the BOJ as the branding for the new CBDC for Jamaica.

Brand Naming

Criteria for determining the name

  • Simple

  • Easy to say

  • Easy to spell

  • Expandability

  • Appropriateness

Name Expandability

  • Rev Up Digital Payments

  • Rev Up Digital Transformation

  • Rev Up the Economy

The meaning behind the name

Redefining Economic Virtue

Virtue meaning - moral excellence; goodness; righteousness.


Selected based on the purpose of the product to allow for digital transformation and growth of the economy.

'Rev It Up'

Logo Description

The main objective was to symbolize growth in a friendly yet attention-grabbing, authoritative manner with a Jamaican theme.

Friendliness - represented by the two outer circles.

Attention-Grabbing - new & unfamiliar design with some obscurity in the letters 'R' and 'E' as well as with the breaking of the inner circle.

Authority - The combination of the circle with some angularity in the font aid in representing authority. Additionally; using the color black as the tertiary color in the logo will add to its professionalism & authority.

Growth - The arrow on the end of the V in REV is used to symbolize growth.

Jamaica is represented in the color selection being Green, Gold & Black.

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