MichLan Photo Published in World Wide Art Books - International Masters of Photography Vol2

MichLan Photo's strategy has always been to get global recognition first in order to build credibility in a local market where the culture exists that 'Only Wedding Photographers are real photographers'.

The strategy has therefore been to take part in online competitions, whether they require voting or otherwise and leveraging social media to promote and get votes where necessary.

Outside of getting votes and being awarded by these competitions; the end result has been for the local market;

  1. Building awareness

  2. Building the brand and the brand personality

  3. Building followers

  4. ​Building credibilty

For the global market; the results include but are by no means limited to;

  1. A Global Audience

  2. ​Other Global Opportunities

MichLan Photo now boast the title Internationally recognized, awarded and publsihed photographer with; an Art Exhibition at two events in Times Square, New York City at (Art Takes Times Square- June 2011) the publication of International Masters of Photography- Vol2 by World Wide Art Books as well as photography work for Universal Music Group (Italy).

MichLan Photo will continue to utilize this strategy as the end results in another 2-3 years will be phenominal. With numerous publications and exhibitions as well as a Marketing background; MichLan Photo will have the credibility necessary to become one of the top Global Photographers. On top of this MichLan Photo and IMG2 will work to become the number one Advertising Photography Company in the Caribbean.

To see the online version of the publication - click here

Use the search bar and search for Michele-Anne Hamilton or simply go to page 123.

The Book will be available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble in the coming weeks.

The official publication party will also be held in the coming weeks when the hard copy arrives in Jamaica.

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