Save Money - Get New Business Through Existing Customers

In today's world Marketing/Branding can be described as that tsunami of hormonal chaos when awkwardness and embellishments rule our world much like that of teenagers and the topic of sex.

Everybody is talking about it, nobody is really sure how to do it. Experts agree that it can get pretty complicated and you should wait. Everybody is convinced that everyone else is doing it and in turn claim they too are doing it.

The problem is, most marketers go after doing it and creating new business the wrong way. They spend all the money trying to use all the marketing tools you come to expect such as direct mail, cold calling, advertising, event marketing, etc. Doing this can become quite expensive and may not result in the type of positive ROI you are striving for.

It costs so much more to win new business than it does to increase your revenue streams from existing clients. On top of this, these existing clients are key to even more potentials. The fact is that your existing happy clients have a network that consists of many other people with the same characteristics as themselves, making their network fall directly into your primary target group. The good news is, these existing clients are just waiting to tell you about the people they know who could use your services. On top of this, not only are they waiting to tell you, they will also help sell you to their network.

So, how does one get these referals?

Just Ask!

Your best customers are more than likely pumped up about your offerings. You can take this energy and use it to your advantage by asking for names of others who may benefit from doing business with you.

When you get these names and the relevant contact info, be sure to thank the customer. You can send a gift or a card and be sure to keep them in the loop on the outcome of their referrals. By keeping them in the loop, this may also present new opportunities to ask for even more referrals from that same customer. The best part is, they will feel good knowing that they helped grow your business.

Michele-Anne Hamilton

Chief Creative Brain

Innovative Marketing Guru Global


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